Sign On Signs / Go Fast Wraps Vehicle Wrap Warranty Statement

The following warranty statement applies to products offered and services performed by Sign on Signs / Go Fast Wraps regarding their vehicle wrap and graphic services. Sign on Signs / Go Fast Wraps offers a comprehensive 12-month in-house warranty on all vehicles wrap and graphic products. 

The warranty covers all major defects in installation and materials during the period of coverage, and includes removal of failed materials, generation of exact replacement materials, printing and installation as needed. Claims to this warranty must be started within the 12-month warranty period and are subject to investigation and approval by an authorized Sign on Signs / Go Fast Wraps representative. Warranty is void, if the client uses any powered pressurized hose or bristle brushes/ice scrapers. Pressure over 106 lbs can cause wrap failure; we always recommend hand washing. 

This warranty is to cover the advertising value of graphic wrap and does not cover minor issues. In the case of failure of the vehicle wrap by Sign on Signs / Go Fast Wraps, responsibility is limited to, at its option, replacing and repairing the portions of the wrap that are defective or damaged. All repairs under the warranty are to be performed exclusively at the Sign on Signs / Go Fast Wraps Oregon facilities. New materials created and installed in the process of performing the warranty repairs are covered under the same warranty coverage as the materials being replaced, but the warranty expiration dates on the new materials will be the same as the original materials with no extension to the original overall warranty term. 

Artwork must be printed from the original files. No changes or updates are permitted without additional charges. This warranty does not cover damage done to the wrap, materials, or installation from negligence, misuse as in lack of care of the wrap, failure to keep the wrap clean, damage from accidents, damage from road debris, general wear and tear, and/or any other failure not of a product or installation origin. Damage to the wrap from pre-existing vehicle damage is not covered under this warranty. The warranty does not cover damage to the wrap from any/all emblems left on the vehicle by the client that are wrapped over and cause an improper installation. 

Most vehicle wrap failures will occur within the first month or so while the vehicle wrap material still has its elasticity. Any bubbles or peeling should be brought to our attention within this period of time so that we can repair the issues while the vinyl still has pliability. Failure to bring in the vehicle to us immediately upon discovery of such issues will void this warranty. This warranty does not cover windshield wiper abrasion to window perforated wrap material. The above warranty is the only warranty provided by Sign on Signs / Go Fast Wraps for its vehicle wrap product. Sign on Signs / Go Fast Wraps makes no other warranties or guarantees, either expressed or implied. This warranty supersedes all previous vehicle wrap warranty statements made by Sign on Signs / Go Fast Wraps. Warranty statement effective: January 1, 2024 

We recommend keeping your wrap clean. You should wash your vehicle at least once a month. Do not wash your vehicle in the first 3 weeks. A reminder to hand wash only. For optimum longevity, garage or cover your vehicle at night. 

Call us with any questions or concerns. 

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